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Much of the care your trees and shrubs require can only be provided by professionals with special training, equipment, experience and insurance. Here are some of the services we provide safely and economically.

Pruning servicesPruning
Pruning is an art based on scientific principles of plant physiology. Certified Arborists have the capability to make a tree safer, healthier and more attractive as they prune. The idea of pruning is to restrict growth in one area while encouraging it another, as well as to remove any damaged, diseased or dead limbs. Pruning encourages overall health, improves flower and fruit production, repairs damage and helps add aesthetic appeal to a tree. Pruning at the right time and the right amount of foliage reduction can be very critical as it is possible to kill a tree by improperly pruning.
Homeowners sometimes worry that arborists will not be able to determine deadwood on a tree when the leaves are off. On the contrary, this may be the best time for an arborist to prune. Because the leaves are off, the view of the entire tree's architecture is clear and a thorough check of the tree can be performed.

Fertilization can be a useful tool to encourage moderate growth in young, established trees; maintain health in mature trees and correct known nutrient deficiencies. We offer the following fertilization methods: Direct trunk injection, liquid soil injection, foliar and broadcast. One of our Certified Arborists will determine which is best for your site.

SprayingPest Management
Insects, diseases and wildlife can all damage or even destroy valuable landscape trees and shrubs. Our Plant Health Care technicians consider the landscape as a whole when deciding how to care for plants. Chemical controls may be part of a treatment strategy but are not necessarily used in every treatment. Because of this, every Plant Health Care program is customized to fit the client's property and expectations. We can apply protective applications by direct trunk injection, liquid soil injection or the traditional spraying. They all have their advantages. Traditional pest control programs are not necessarily obsolete or bad for the environment and may be the best option for certain locations and pest problems.

Ice on treesHazard Tree Identification
Daryl Adams is not only a certified arborist, he holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. He looks at a tree as a structure. What holds it up? How much overloading by wind or snow can it take? He can identify trees that have a structural flaw or have been weakened by decay. Sometimes we can mitigate the risk of a hazard tree by cabling, bracing or structural pruning. Other times removal of a high risk tree is the only safe alternative.

Stump removalTree and Stump Removal
We are experts at the technical rigging procedures required to safely and efficiently remove even the largest, most inaccessible trees. Our modern equipment and highly skilled workers allow us to exceed your expectations as well as remain competitive. We have always recycled our horticultural debris. Good wood is made into firewood; chips and junk logs are ground into mulch and used for landscape purposes.

Storm clean-uptree removalplantingOur Other Services
  • Inspection & diagnosis
  • Consultation & appraisals
  • Tree & shrub planting & transplanting
  • Soil tests & amendments
  • Support cables & bracing
  • Tick control programs
  • Lightning protection
  • Woodlot management
  • Clearing trees from service wires
  • Land clearing
  • Municipal & commercial contracts
  • Emergency Storm Damage Response
  • Crane service

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